About the 2021 Global Bushcraft Symposium

What is the Global Bushcraft Symposium?

The Global Bushcraft Symposium (GBS) is an international gathering to promote bushcraft, survival, and traditional skills instruction through the open exchange of philosophies, pedagogical methods and dissemination of best practices within the industry.

In 2019 the Global Bushcraft Symposium was held in Alberta, Canada. In 2021 the Global Bushcraft Symposium will be held in the United Kingdom. The 2021 GBS will be co-chaired by Paul Kirtley and Lisa Fenton, who were both keynote speakers at the 2019 GBS.


  • By developing connections across generations of instructors and cultures of practice;
  • Emphasizing the critical importance of teaching accurate, fact based and tested skills in their proper context;
  • Honouring those who have lived, rediscovered and promoted the traditions before us.


26-30 July 2021.


The 2021 GBS will take place at a residential outdoor centre with conference facilities in North Wales.

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